Army Service Uniform (ASU) Soutache


Manufactured exclusively at our Rock Hill; South Carolina braiding and weaving plant; all our Army Service Uniform (ASU) trimmings are compliant with the Buy American Act and the Berry Amendment. We are the only manufacturer certified by the Army to make all ASU trims. Our Cordedge (sewn into the shirt tab) and Soutache (sleeve stripe) are both available; in stock; in certified GoldenLite shade in durable; bright nylon construction in accordance with Mil-Spec; on rolls of 144 yards. ASU trouser lace (male and female); general officer lace also available; as well as hanger braid; shoulder straps; shirt tabs; hat bands; cuffs; chin straps and cap visors.


  • BNS-ASU; NYLON Soutache = Cert No. OBN-3014-GLD
  • Buy American Act & Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Sold as 80 yard roll
  • Made in USA