US COAST GUARD Hard Shoulder Board


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US Coast Guard Hard Boards to be worn with Dinner Dress White Jacket or Service Dress White Uniform. Ground Fabric Blue Tropical.



  • Member (Auxiliarist): Silver A; 0-stripe
  • Flotilla Vice Commander (VFC): Silver A; 1.5 stripe
  • Flotilla Commander (FC): Silver A; 2-stripe
  • Division Vice Commander (VCDR): Silver A; 2.5-stripe
  • Division Commander (DCDR): Silver A; 3-stripe
  • District Chief of Staff (DCOS), District Captain (DCAPT) Silver A; 4-stripe
  • Flotilla Staff Officer (FSO): Red A; 1-stripe
  • Division Staff Officer (SO): Red A; 1.5 stripe
  • Assistant District Staff Officer (ADSO), Branch Assistant (BA), DCO Aide (D-AD), Academy Admissions Partner: Red A; 2-stripe
  • District Staff Officer (DSO), DCO Admin Assistant (D-AA), Branch Chief (BC): Red A; 2.5-stripe
  • District Directorate Chief (DDC), Auxiliary Sector Coordinator (ASC), Deputy Director (DIRd), Division Chief (DVC), Fellow: Red A; 3-stripe; (shown)
  • Deputy Assistant National Commodore (ANACOd), Director (DIR), Senior Fellow, NACO Admin Assistant (N-A): Red A; 4-stripe

    Made in USA
    Please inquire for additional styles/patterns.