Color Card

Please be advised that photos below are not exact colors as we can not account for variations in colors on differnt monitors.  If you would like to color match, we are happy to send samples per your request or if you have colors you would like us to match you can send in a sample. Please contact us at

White Poly

Gold (Y2) 107

Powder (E) 15

Optic White

Sunset (Y3) 4631

Aqua (Q) 4984

Red (R) 112

Airline Gold (Y) 96

Blue (U5) 8124

Scarlet (BR2) 114

Yellow (Y1) 104

Copen (U4) 685

Burgundy (R3) 115

Golden Lite (A) 67107

Dark Copen (U3) 24

Maroon (M3) 301

Olive (G3) 1986

Columbia (U2) 106

Eggplant (M2) 121

Evergreen (G2) 317

Royal (U) 63

Brown (N) 467

Kelly (G1) 311

Light Navy (V) 95

Candlelight (W2) 4798

Silver (S) 7257

Navy (V2) 70

Beige (B) 8082

Antique Silver (G) 493

Midnight (M) 7828

Suntan (T) 504

Steel (S2) 568

French Blue (F) 293

Satinwood (T4) 7582

Grape (8162) P1

Infantry Blue (IU)

Old Gold (D) 98

Purple (P) 260

Pink (P2) 201

Orange (O) 109

Bright Orange (O2) 4253

Black (K)


Gold Mylar 101

Silver Mylar 102

PermaGold (N)

PermaSilver  (S)

Casino Gold

Casino Silver

 Most Colors available in:

  • Flat Braid 
  • Vellum Braid
  • Tubulars
  • Textured Polyester         
  • Cotton
  • Cordedge
  • Soutache
  • Braided Cord
  • Spun Polyester
  • Mohair

This color chart is a photographic representation of true color shades.
Actual colors may vary.  

ELC is not responsible for difference resulting from this variances.
To ensure accurate color selection, please call or email ( to request a color swatch.