FD Collar Brass: Red Disc, Silver/Gold Rank

American made Fire Department Collar Brass: SILVER rank in 1″ RED Enamel Disc.  Manufactured to military-specification from solid brass with pins that will not break off. Lacquered to prevent tarnishing. Specify bugle rank below. Sold by the pair. ELC Accessories by Eiseman-Ludmar: Highest Quality Collar Brass Available Anywhere!


  • 1″ Disc Diameter
  • Military Specification Quality, Pins will not break
  • Lacquered Finish Will Not Tarnish
  • Available in seven ranks as shown (Silver/Gold):
    • Chief (5-Horn Crossed):  M/2182F-S, M/2182F-G
    • Deputy Chief (4-Horn Crossed):  M/2182E-S, M/2182E-G
    • Assistant Chief (3-Horn Crossed):  M/2182D-S, M/2182D-G
    • District Chief (2-Horn Crossed):  M/2182C-S, M/2182C-G
    • Captain (2-Horn Parallel):  M/2182B-S, M/2182B-G
    • Lieutenant (1-Horn Crossed):  M/2182A-S, M/2182A-G
    • Firefighter (Scramble): M/2182G-S, M/2182G-G
  • Made in USA
  • ELC Accessories by Eiseman-Ludmar FD Collar Brass; Bugles in Red Enamel Disc.