Hanging Ornament

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This item is essentially the same as the Blazer Crest; except that is comes with a color-coordinated loop at the top. Lightweight; colorful; and shiny; the Hanging Ornament looks great on a Christmas tree. The Ornament has a standard diameter of approximately 3 inches; although we can make it larger or smaller. As you can see from the photos on our site; the hanging ornament looks good in a variety of shapesround; shield; diamond or custom.

We embroider with Gold and Silver bullion; which is a thin wire filament coiled; re-coiled and then sewn down to the fabric to create a metallic; shiny look. We complement the bullion with the finest silk and mylar threads; and we create a 3-dimensional look by raising up the thickness of the embroidery. Our standard Ornament comes on either a black or navy ground fabric. We also use colored satins; wools; and twills where appropriate to accurately render your pattern. Of course; we can embroider on any color ground fabric that you require.

PLEASE NOTE The cost of the crests are subject to variation based on the intricacy of the pattern. Designs involving many colors; small details; etc.; may incur additional cost. We will review designs and confirm costs with you before confirming your order.